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Agnos Chemicals Pte Ltd, founded in Singapore in April 2002, aims to be a one-stop contract manufacturing service provider of high purity chemicals as used in advanced electronic industries (Semiconductor and LCD).

Located in Tuas Industrial Park (Singapore), Agnos houses its own ultrapure water source, production, quality management, logistics and waste treatment.


Strategic proximity to customers in South East Asia means Agnos can better account its operation and quality to its business partners. We obtained ISO 9000:2001 in 2003 and ISO 14000 in 2007. It is a testimony of our commitment to our customers and business partners for good quality and good responsibility to the environment.

We have experience blending acid/alkaline solutions, majoring in TMAH (tetramethylammonuim hydroxide). Venturing beyond, Agnos's established discipline in running a quality worthy production can be suitable for other chemicals too.

We welcome and treasure all business possibilities and inquiries -- all are valuable to Agnos, always.



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